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Searching for Alabama Arrest Warrants.

An arrest warrant in Alabama is dispensed if there is plausible cause to presume a person is guilty of doing an unlawful act. The arrest warrant is an affidavit executed by a judge that describes the arrestee’s full name, place of residence, other identifying info, and the kind of crime they’re being arrested for. A judge or a magistrate will need to execute an arrest warrant. After the judge signs an arrest warrant, the law enforcement division may place the person under arrest or take them into county detention.

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What is a Alabama Bench Warrant?

A judge or magistrate in Alabama is the official charged with releasing a bench warrant. This warrant will need to be joined by a proper affidavit that has been properly executed and sworn into effect. An officer of the court will release the warrant, at which time the law enforcement officers are allowed to arrest and detain the individual named in the affidavit.

How to Find Out If You Have a Warrant in Alabama?

If you’re nervous that you might have a warrant out for you, then you can start by checking the Alabama court’s and sheriff’s records website. There could be a warrants database online through a police or sheriff’s website; understand they are usually county based and not statewide.

Community bail bond agents happen to be one more source. Hiring an attorney is the ideal option because they get access to all the appropriate information, but that will cost you dollars.

While you risk getting arrested if you do so, you can easily telephone the appropriate police station in Alabama to question whether there is an arrest warrant out towards you. To set more separation between oneself and the law enforcement, you may ask a friend to make contact. For federal warrants, you are going to have to check with the federal court.

What to Do if You Have an Alabama Outstanding Warrant

  • Do not run from the troubles: international airports, train stations, and the like. Possess directories of individuals with active warrants, blocking them from leaving the vicinity of the nation.
  • You should not disregard the warrant expecting it is going to go away. An arrest warrant does not run out.
  • Do not anticipate the worst. Bypassing time in jail is possible should you fight the case.
  • Never surrender yourself at the police station in advance of putting thinking in the final decision.

Here's what you should do

Talk to a legal representative. For a charge, a legal representative may work out your surrender to the warrant. He may have the capacity to work out much better deals for arraignment then you may do alone. This minimizes any time you’ll spend behind bars, alongside angst and stress.