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A warrant is a legal document that gives Tuscaloosa County law enforcement officials the right to conduct a certain activity, such as examining a location or making an arrest. A warrant can be granted only in cases where there is strong evidence that a crime has been committed.

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Tuscaloosa County Resources.

Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office
714 Greensboro Ave, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401
Phone: (205) 752-0616
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Tuscaloosa County Circuit Court (Felony)
Criminal Online – Web
Criminal Onsite Search – Available
714 Greensboro Ave, 2nd Fl, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

Tuscaloosa County District Court (Misdemeanor)
Criminal Online – Web
Criminal Onsite Search – Available
714 Greensboro Ave, 6th Fl Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

Tuscaloosa Police Department
3801 Trevor S Phillips Ave, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401
Phone: (205) 349-2121

Northport Police Department
3721 26th Ave, Northport, AL 35473
Phone: (205) 339-6600

Tuscaloosa County Warrant Search Online

A Tuscaloosa County warrant search can be done in a number of ways. To start, go to the county courthouse’s website and use the online database for warrant searches. You can input the name of the person you’re looking for to discover whether they have outstanding warrants;these databases can frequently be searched by name.
You can also carry out a warrant search by contacting your neighborhood police or sheriff’s office and requesting them to check. You can call them or complete the process online, depending on the regulations.

Using Court Records

Court records are one of the most prominent resources for searching for a warrant.

Tuscaloosa County Sheriff Warrant Search

The sheriff’s office offers several options to get warrant records. You can ask to inspect the records there in person by going to the sheriff’s office. Additionally, you may look at the sheriff’s office webpage to see if there is a database online.

Tuscaloosa County Bench Warrant List

A bench warrant is a writ that demands an individual be taken into custody. It is often given by a judge sitting at a bench in open court. When a defendant doesn’t show up for a scheduled court appearance or disobeys a court order, a Tuscaloosa County bench warrant is issued. It grants law enforcement the authority to detain the identified individual.

Tuscaloosa County Arrest Warrants

A court magistrate or other authority may issue an arrest warrant, which grants Tuscaloosa County law enforcement the right to detain a suspect in a crime. A warrant must be supported by probable cause and state the specific offense for which the person is suspected.

Active Fugitive

A person may be issued a fugitive warrant if they are accused of a serious crime and are on the run. The accused person may run from the law to escape being prosecuted.

Search Warrant

By presenting probable cause, a Tuscaloosa County judge or magistrate can issue a warrant for a search. If there is probable cause, there is a good chance that a crime has been committed and that the scene of the search will provide relevant information. Additionally, the police must show that they lack any other options for getting the evidence. Once they acquire a warrant, police are allowed to enter the designated location and conduct a search.

Free Tuscaloosa County Warrant Search

You may check a Tuscaloosa County warrant for free in a number of ways. Contact your neighborhood police department to learn whether there is a warrant out for your arrest. Frequently, they may inform you over the phone whether there is an arrest warrant.

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