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A formal document from any court or legal authority, a Montgomery warrant gives the police permission to make an arrest, search a location, or perform other actions.
Probable cause must be used to issue a warrant. Although the procedure for obtaining and carrying out warrants varies depending on the jurisdiction, they are used to safeguard the rights of the police officer and the subject of their investigation.

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Montgomery County Warrant Search

Montgomery Resources.

Montgomery Police Department
320 N Ripley St, Montgomery, AL 36104
Phone: (334) 241-2651

Central Alabama Crime Stoppers
Wanted Suspects

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office
115 S Perry St, Montgomery, AL 36104
Phone: (334) 832-4980
Warrants 832-2579
Warrant Page
Warrant Web Search
Most Wanted

Circuit Court (Felony)
Criminal and Civil Online – Web
Criminal and Civil Onsite Search – Available
251 S Lawrence St Montgomery, AL 36104

District Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic)
Criminal Online – Web
Criminal Onsite Search – Available
251 S Lawrence St Montgomery, AL 36102

Montgomery Warrant Search Online

For Montgomery warrant searches, there are several alternatives. Depending on the information you’re looking for, these will change. Get in touch with your neighborhood police department to find out if you have an arrest warrant out for you locally.

Using Court Records

Check Montgomery court records to determine whether you have a warrant. The first step is to look up the court that issued the warrant via an internet database or call them.

Montgomery Sheriff Warrant Search

You can check with the sheriff’s office to see whether they have a record of the warrant you’re searching for. Sheriff’s offices frequently keep the records of warrants issued within a county. If they do not have a record, you can ask the court that issued the warrant for a copy of it.

Montgomery Bench Warrant List

A Montgomery bench warrant is an order from the court requiring your presence before the judge. The judge may issue a bench order for your arrest if you miss or arrive late for your court appearance. The judge will order you to appear in court after you skip your scheduled court date. The court may decide to let you go, release you, or set a new deadline depending on the reason. Police officers have the right to arrest and take you into custody if they pull you over for any reason. You must quickly take care of any bench warrants for your arrest to prevent being detained by the police.

Montgomery Arrest Warrants

An arrest warrant gives the policeman the right to detain a suspect in a crime in Montgomery AL. A court or magistrate must issue a warrant. The warrant must be signed by a judge, including the reason(s) for the arrest. When it is given, the police are free to carry out the arrest by going into the suspect’s residence or place of business.

Active Fugitive

A Montgomery court will normally issue fugitive warrants, which must be supported by evidence that the individual sought is guilty of the offense for which they are issued. The fugitive order is often recorded in a national database for law enforcement to be aware of the situation.

Search Warrant

For many different reasons, Montgomery police can get a search warrant if they believe a crime has been committed and a location will yield relevant evidence. By using tangible evidence and eyewitness testimony, they may establish probable cause.

Free Montgomery Warrant Search

Contacting the Montgomery police or the court is the best approach to learning whether you are the subject of an arrest warrant for free.

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