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Montgomery County inmate search can find inmate records that provide information on prisoners and jail inmates. The prison holding the inmate maintains these records. Inmate records generally include the inmate’s name, date, offense, sentence, etc. Inmate records can be helpful because they enable us to track and verify the treatment of inmates. You can also use these records to determine an inmate’s eligibility for parole or release.

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Montgomery County Resources

Montgomery County Sheriff Office / Detention Center

115 South Perry St, Montgomery, AL 36104

(334) 832-4980

Montgomery County Jail/Warrant Web Search


Montgomery Jail

320 N Ripley St, Montgomery, AL 36104

Phone: (334) 241-2645


Montgomery County Circuit Court (Felony)

Criminal and Civil Online

Criminal and Civil Onsite Search – Available

251 S Lawrence St Montgomery, AL 36104



Montgomery County District Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic)

Criminal Online

Criminal Onsite Search – Available

251 S Lawrence St Montgomery, AL 36102


Montgomery County Jail Inmate Search Online

If you are familiar with the name of the jail or prison, you can search their website to view inmate records. You can visit a private website if you don’t know the prison’s location. These websites will search inmate records across the country for you and provide you with all the necessary information.

Alabama State Prison VS Montgomery County Jail

When people think of prison, they often imagine a large, tall building with high walls. But there are actually two types: county jails and state prisons. Both have the same purpose: they house criminals. But, they differ in size, population, stay length, and other factors.
State prisons usually have a larger population than county jails since they house both male and female inmates. A longer sentence is also a common feature of state prisons.
The sentences in county jails tend to be shorter, meaning that there is a smaller population of people convicted of lesser crimes. County jails typically only house male prisoners and are smaller.

Alabama Prison Inmate Search

There are several ways to find out if someone is currently in prison. An online searchable database like the Federal Bureau of Prisons is one option. Another option is to contact your state Department of Corrections, depending on the state the person was convicted.
Each option will require that you provide basic information about your subject, such as the name and date of birth. You may need additional information, such as the registered number or case number. Once you have collected all the necessary information, it should be possible to determine whether someone is currently in prison.

Montgomery County Jail Inmate Search

It’s easy to look up information on someone in a Montgomery County jail and find out how to contact them. You can find all the information on the Internet or contact the jail directly. You can also find their information on our court website.

Montgomery County Jail Mugshots

Montgomery County jail mugshots can be used in many ways, including identifying criminals, tracking criminal activity, and solving crimes. Jail mugshots can give closure to victims of crime and help bring justice to those who were wronged.

Montgomery County Jail Log

The jail logs track the movements of detainees in Montgomery County. Logs usually include inmates’ names, booking numbers, dates and times of entry and exit, and the reason they were there. Law enforcement can use jail logs to investigate crimes and attorneys to locate witnesses and defendants. The media can also track trends in criminal justice systems using jail logs.

Montgomery County Jail Roster

There are many ways to find the jail roster. You can contact the jail directly to get the information. You can also look online at the jail’s website or use a search engine to find information. Finally, you can contact the police department or local sheriff.

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