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Search Court, Sheriff, and Police Public Criminal Records.

Use A Database Used By Millions For Your Criminal Record Search.

With over 2 billion records, the database is extensive and constantly updated.

Save time by searching both Alabama-based and Nationwide records.

There are numerous reasons for inspecting somebody’s Mobile County criminal records. People regularly check others’ backgrounds for red flags and the reasons for doing so will vary.

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Mobile County AL Local Criminal Record Resources.

Mobile County Circuit Court (Felony, Juvenile)
Criminal Online – Web
Criminal Onsite Search – Available
205 Government St, #913 Government Plza Mobile, AL 36644-2913
Home Page

Mobile County District Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic)
Criminal Online – Web
Criminal Onsite Search – Available
205 Government St North Twr, Rm 338 Mobile, AL 36644
Home Page

Mobile County Sheriff’s Office
510 South Royal Street, Mobile, AL 36603
Phone: (251) 574-2423
MCSD Warrant Search
Municipal Court Warrant Search
24 Hour Booking (Mugshots) – Web
Who’s in Jail – Web
Civil Division & Central Records
Sex Offender Search

Mobile Police Department
2460 Government St, Mobile, AL 36606
Phone: (251) 208-1700
Municipal Court Warrant Search
Most Wanted
Records Division

Using Mobile County Court Records

Public records, like Mobile County court records, are readily available to anyone. It is possible to perform a criminal record search utilizing the information in these records. Having the ability to utilize court records, which can be complex, is essential.

Using Mobile County Police Records

Most of the Mobile County police records are offered to the general public. In some scenarios, police might keep the records sealed while investigating or if the person is a juvenile.

Using Arrest Records

If you are interested in searching somebody’s arrest records, remember a few tips. Every state provides access to arrest records in one way or another. Arrest records undergo numerous constraints in some states, however. Before starting, you ought to inspect that state’s guidelines. Remember that even if somebody has been apprehended in Mobile County AL, it does not immediately show they are guilty.

Using Inmate Records

The public can acquire most criminal records in Mobile County AL. When trying to get public inmate information, many choices are readily available. There can be different ways to access this information depending on the facility.

Common Records:

Infraction Records

A criminal infraction activity is a reasonably irrelevant crime that usually brings a warning or citation instead of jail time or a criminal record.
Violations are usually tried in a city court, which is more practical and casual than routine criminal court procedures.

Misdemeanor Records

A misdemeanor is a criminal offense with a maximum sentence of one year or a fine. Due to the reality that misdemeanors are generally less severe than felonies, they are prosecuted in lower courts. Minor theft, disorderly behavior, simple assault, and careless driving are some examples of misdemeanor offenses.

Mobile County Felony Records

Felony convictions in Mobile County AL are revealed in public records. A background check can be utilized to get a copy of an individual’s criminal record. When carrying out background examination prospects, people normally search for felonies on their histories.
An individual’s criminal record can best be uncovered at the county courthouse where the offense was committed.

Mobile County Sex Offender Records

If you’re worried about Mobile County sex offenders in your area, you can discover more info. Addresses and names of all signed-up sex offenders are included in the national sex offender registry, a database.
The registration can be browsed by name, address, or postal code. A list of regional sex offenders will be shown to you.

Mobile County Dui / Dwi Records

State-by-state DUI laws vary; however, they all have the same goal: to hinder drunk drivers and help them change their ways. The nature and degree of the charge are determined by the gravity of the offense and the applicable legal system.
Frequently, new offenders will be provided a lower charge than repeat offenders. Repeat offenders might deal with harsher penalties, like longer jail terms and greater fines.
Mobile County DUI normally carries a fine and/or jail time as a misdemeanor penalty. Some states might mandate a necessary alcohol education or treatment program for transgressors.

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