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With over 2 billion records, the database is extensive and constantly updated.

Save time by searching both Alabama-based and Nationwide records.

Huntsville criminal record checks are critical to safety. They assist in making sure that those who could be harmful to others are known.
There are various reasons why a person might want to see someone’s criminal record. Criminal history checks can prevent unsafe people from getting too close, and they can assist in protecting vulnerable groups from risks, such as children and seniors.

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Madison County Criminal Records

Huntsville AL Local Criminal Record Resources.

Huntsville Police Department
2110 Clinton Ave W, Huntsville, AL 35805
Phone: (256) 427-7009
Outstanding Warrant Inquiries (256) 427-7088
Records & Reports
Records & Courts

Madison County Circuit Court Criminal Division (Felony)
Online – Web
Onsite Search – Available
100 N Side Square, Rm 271 Huntsville, AL 35801
Court Website

Madison County District Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic)
Online – Web
Onsite Search – Available
100 N Side Sq, Rm 821 Huntsville, AL 35801
Criminal 256-532-3373

Madison County Sheriff’s Office
100 Northside Square Room 206
Huntsville, AL 35801
Phone: 256.532.3413
Most Wanted
Inmate Roster
Sex Offenders

Using Huntsville Court Records

Any person may request access to court records in the United States. But not always as an example, juvenile court records are sealed and inaccessible to the general public. A few states also have statutes that, under certain conditions, allow certain court records to be expunged or sealed.
The names of the parties, the time as well as the location of the court procedures, and a summary of the procedures are typically included in Huntsville court records. The court where the matter was heard is generally where you can view court documents. Many courts also release their records online.

Using Huntsville Police Records

You can access Huntsville police records via online databases or in-person from local authorities, depending on the details you’re looking for and the jurisdiction where it was dedicated.

Using Arrest Records

To improve your search for arrest records, it’s recommended to utilize various resources in Huntsville AL. This includes both online and offline materials, as more than relying on online databases may be required. While online sources are helpful, it’s important to diversify your search.

Using Inmate Records

Every inmate booked into the Huntsville regional or state prison will be detailed in the sheriff’s office or the state DOC.

Common Records:

Infraction Records

Most states view Huntsville infractions as almost civil-like offenses. They will not come up on a criminal record check in many cases but not always.
If the person was convicted and is on probation, the infraction can appear on your criminal history check. If the accused were found guilty and is currently completing a term like social work or a fine, the infraction can turn up on your criminal record check.

Misdemeanor Records

Huntsville misdemeanors can range from small to significant. Minor violations are typically culpable by a fine; more serious ones can lead to some time in jail.

Huntsville Felony Records

A Huntsville felony is a serious violation that brings the possibility of the death penalty or prison time. Murder, rape, and robbery are a few instances of felonies.

Huntsville Sex Offender Records

You can find sex offenders on the national sex offender, state, and county and Huntsville AL websites. The website will provide a map with markers revealing information on each resident sex offender.

Huntsville Dui Dwi Records

Huntsville DUI arrests will usually show up on criminal checks, which might have an effect on work as well as other possibilities.
A DUI arrest can make it hard to do certain things. Obtaining a professional license, such as one to exercise medicine or legislation, might be hard after a DUI arrest.

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