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In order to make an arrest, perform a search, or take other actions, the police need a warrant, which is a formal document issued by a court. A Houston County warrant must be supported by probable cause. This implies that there must be a solid basis for suspecting the individual listed in the warrant of a crime.
The processes for obtaining and carrying out warrants differ from one jurisdiction to the next. However, generally speaking, they are meant to safeguard both the rights of the police and the subjects of their inquiries.

For Alabama Statewide Warrant Search Resources Click Here.
Neighboring Counties: Calhoun

Houston County Resources.

Houston County Sheriff Department
144 N Oates St, Dothan, AL 36303
Phone: (334) 677-4882
Criminal Warrants Info 334 677-4886

Houston County Circuit Court (Felony, Juvenile)
Criminal Online – Web
Criminal Onsite Search – Available
114 N Oates Dothan, AL 36302

Houston County District Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic)
Criminal Online – Web
Criminal Onsite Search – Available
114 N Oates St Dothan, AL 36303

Dothan Police Department
210 N St Andrews St, Dothan, AL 36303
Phone: (334) 615-3000
Warrant Info Page

Taylor Police Department
Dothan, AL 36301
Phone: (334) 677-5079

Houston County Warrant Search Online

Depending on the information you’re searching for and the amount of money you want to pay, there are a few different ways to perform a Houston County warrant lookup. The simplest way to find out whether you have an active arrest warrant is to contact your neighborhood police department. They can let you know if you have an active arrest warrant and, if so, what the charges are. There is no fee associated with your inquiry because this data is normally available to the public.

Using Court Records

You may check Houston County court records in a few different ways to see whether you are the subject of an arrest warrant. The first method is to look for the warrant in the court’s internet database. You will be given a list of all active warrants that a certain court has issued by doing this.

Houston County Sheriff Warrant Search

It is possible to obtain warrant records from the sheriff’s office. Ordinarily, the county’s sheriff’s department maintains records of all warrants issued there. You may inquire there to determine if the sheriff’s office has a record of the warrant you’re searching for.

Houston County Bench Warrant List

A court mandate to appear before a judge is known as a bench warrant in Houston County AL. The judge may issue a bench warrant for your arrest if you do not show up for your scheduled court appearance. This implies that the police have the authority to make an arrest and take you to jail if they stop you for any reason.
The judge will then require you to attend and give an explanation for missing your court date. Depending on the grounds, the judge may decide to release you or appoint a new court date. To prevent getting arrested by the police, it’s critical to take care of any outstanding bench warrants for your arrest as soon as you can.

Houston County Arrest Warrants

A legal document known as an arrest warrant gives the police the right to detain someone they believe to be guilty of a crime. A judge or magistrate must issue the warrant, and it must specify the reasons for the arrest. Once a Houston County warrant is issued, officers can make an arrest by going inside the suspect’s residence or place of business.

Active Fugitive

A Houston County court or magistrate will frequently issue a fugitive warrant if there is reason to believe the person listed has committed a crime and is on the run. A fugitive warrant is routinely placed into a national database after it is issued so that law enforcement agencies all across the country are informed.

Search Warrant

For a variety of reasons, Houston County police can get a search warrant. The most frequent justification is that they have grounds to suspect that a crime has been committed and that there will be evidence at the site of the search.
Eyewitness accounts, tangible evidence, or confessions can all be the foundation for probable cause.

Free Houston County Warrant Search

The simplest approach to find out whether you have an arrest warrant out for you is to get in touch with your local police department or the court that issued the warrant. Get in touch with the source directly for the best results.

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