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Alabama Criminal Records Process Explained

Criminal records in Alabama are among the most sought after records when it comes to background checks. It’s a history of criminal offenses people have been founded guilty of. A criminal record will get updated each time an individual goes to court and is found guilty of a criminal transgression. Based on the crime. Alabama regional authorities or federal government authorities are entrusted with commencing the charge, but the court system will, in the end, determine if the person is guilty or not. If the individual is found guilty, an official report of the criminal activity is registered.

Statewide Alabama Arrest and Criminal Records.

Alabama Criminal Records can be looked up using court records: the fee for a name search is $9.99.

Criminal background checks can be done using the Alabama Background Check System (ABC) at Its subscription-based $95 to sign up and $15 per search. The Alabama Background Check System (ABC) is a secure, web-based site that allows qualifying employers to access the most up to date, comprehensive Alabama criminal records available for current and prospective employees

Alabama Department of Corrections Prison Inmate Search:  This database only contains currently incarcerated inmates. Historical data is not available on-line at this time.

Alabama Sex Offender Records: Search by address radius or name at

Local AL Criminal Record Lookup Resources.

What are Alabama Arrest Records?

Alabama arrest records should not be confused with criminal records. An arrest record is an information accumulated involving a person’s history of being arrested by authorities. The arrest record shows that the individual has been detained and charged. While a criminal record also reveals court conviction info. An arrest record and criminal record might sound similar but are significantly different.

What are Police Records?

A police record in Alabama has information about an individual’s encounters with law officials. It consists of things like arrests and criminal incidents. Details like convictions and court reports aren’t typically contained with a police arrest record, but some police stations have access to complete documents.

How Can I Look Up Alabama Criminal Records?

In many cases, courts offer accessibility to criminal records without authorization forms as they are considered Alabama public records. Things like infractions and felony reports could be searched by using court documents. Be sure to research all counties the individual in question lived in.

Can a Alabama Criminal Record Be Cleared?

Occasionally, a criminal record in Alabama can be sealed or expunged. This is only done in cases with a compelling argument as to why. Convictions expunged through good behavior, time, or other rationales will not turn up on a standard criminal record. This approach will not completely erase a criminal record. It will be available for internal usage but will be confidential from future employers or property managers.

What Do Criminal Records Consist Of?

Numerous information is accessible in a criminal record. The information offered varies depending on the intention of the record inquiry. Just some of the information offered incorporates:

  • Name
  • All known Assumed names
  •  Charges/Convictions
  •  Penitentiary sentence/length
  •  Data involving sex offender registry (if relevant).


This document check generally gathers details from police files and court documents. It supplies an individual with a total understanding of an individual’s criminal background.

How Long Do Alabama Criminal Records Stay On Your Record?

Your Alabama criminal history is permanent. The only deviation is if your record is sealed or expunged. But up until then, it’s a matter of public record. Anyone with money and/or the internet can find your criminal history. This is a significant hardship for men and women who have done the job to overcome their criminal history.

Are Police Records Available To The Public in Alabama

Sensitive police records are not readily available for the general public in Alabama, primarily if there is an ongoing case. That’s not to say some of the police records cant be requested. In many cases, after some time has passed, a police record can be requested by the public. It’s not abnormal for some details to be released to press reporters investigating a story. Gradually, overtime records end up being part of the public records, making ancestry checking more helpful.

How Do I Find Someone's Arrest Record For Free?

Arrest and Criminal records in Alabama are matters of public record. For that reason, any person can access the documents provided that they are regarded as public records. A large number of police and sheriff agencies will exhibit arrest information that could be seen free. Similarly, court records or occasionally, court dockets could be accessed free of cost as well.