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Birmingham criminal record checks are important for ensuring safety. Individuals may carry out these checks for various reasons, such as vetting a potential romantic partner or curiosity about someone’s background.

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Birmingham Police Department Records Division
1710 1st Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35203
(205) 254-6308
Jail Search
Records Division

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Birmingham Criminal Division
716 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd N Birmingham, AL 35203

Criminal Online –
Criminal Onsite Search – Available
District Court 801 Richard Arrington Blvd N Criminal Justice Ctr, Rm 207 Birmingham, AL 35203

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office
2200 Rev Abraham Woods, Jr., Blvd Birmingham, AL 35203
Phone: 205-325-5700
Inmate Inquiry
Wanted Reports
Sex Offenders

Using Birmingham Court Records

There are various means to learn more about someone’s criminal record. Utilizing Birmingham courts is one strategy. Start by working with the court in your area and request copies from the court clerks, or check their website to see if an online database is available.

Using Birmingham Police Records

If you have a good reason to obtain Birmingham police records, you have several options. You can ask the police department where the suspect was detained for details. An online solution that displays this information is an additional option.

Using Arrest Records

For a person’s arrest history, the police in Birmingham AL are the most practical place to look. Police will retain a document of every arrest, and they might be able to help you locate the records you require.

Using Inmate Records

The simplest place to begin if you intend to learn about somebody’s Birmingham criminal background is through their inmate records. These public records are fairly straightforward and can reveal a lot about a person. You will need to know which county or state to look into because each has its own system for maintaining records.

Common Records:

Infraction Records

A Birmingham AL infraction is a fairly minor offense. A fine or other charge may be enforced as punishment; however, there is no jail time.
More significant transgressions, such as felonies or misdemeanors, can cause imprisonment.

Misdemeanor Records

If you are trying to find records, you should examine misdemeanor records because a conviction for a misdemeanor may indicate that a person is unreliable or a risk.
Additionally, a Birmingham misdemeanor case could be an indicator of future criminal activity. When making important life decisions about the people you choose to involve, it is essential to review their criminal records.

Birmingham Felony Records

A crime that brings a death penalty or a prison sentence of more than one year is considered a felony in the USA.
Murder, rape, and robbery are examples of crimes that can be categorized as felonies. White-collar criminal activities and narcotics charges are also considered felonies in many areas.
When criminal activity is classified as a felony in Birmingham AL, tougher punishments are used than if it were a lesser infraction. A person found guilty of a felony might be subject to a harsher punishment or a longer prison term. Criminal sentences can result in the loss of civil liberties, like the capability to carry firearms or vote.

Birmingham Sex Offender Records

The Birmingham sex offenders register is used for conducting background checks. People need this information to avoid choosing someone with a violent past.

Birmingham Dui Dwi Records

Misdemeanors compose the substantial majority of Birmingham DUI offenses. Yet, in some scenarios, they may also be a felony. For example, a crash may cause a fatality or serious injuries. Someone with a history of multiple drunk driving incidents may face more serious DUI charges classified as felonies.

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